PaperClips Presents POST: A Studio Preview with Michel Delgado

Michel Delgado’s brightly lit basement studio looks out onto an old, eerily calm, cemetery that belongs to the church next door. It is located in North Philadelphia, yet all he sees are trees, grass, and tombstones. The walls are white, accented in a creamy yellow and are in pristine condition. Delgado surrounds himself with his own work, but it is clear there has not been any painting done in the space. Yet.

Delgado is an artist through and through. He is the sum of all his experiences, embracing the good and the bad, telling his personal story through the art he creates. “For me, art is a belief. If you follow that belief, it will take you to an awesome place.” He has traveled the world, embracing the cultures of each new place he calls home, even if it’s just for a little while. Just this past August, he landed in Philadelphia after finding a studio at Crane Arts Old School, and everything simply fell into place.