Last year’s experience at Art Basel Spectrum was a great success that led to exciting opportunities that added new, enhancing components to my career. I received representation with the Seraphin Gallery in Philadelphia, and just wrapped up my solo exhibition “Romantic Rebel” this month. A beautiful publication of the same title, documenting the show, was also the result of this new gallery relationship. I also had the incredible opportunity to give a talk at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as part of the “Creative Africa” exhibition.

For an independent artist like myself, it is a challenge economically to take advantage of this opportunity without your support.

I would like to offer to you, as a patron and collector of my work, these six paintings from my private collection. This will make my exhibition at Art Basel Week possible. The sale of these six paintings will provide the exact budget to fulfill my financial obligation toward my next step in my career.

Art Basel Spectrum 2016 runs from November 30th to the December 4th. I’m offering these six paintings at 20% less than the price they are going for in today’s art market.

This sale is for 10 days only & will run from November 12th to November 22th. This is a special opportunity to add to your art collection, while supporting my presence at Art Basel Spectrum.

Thank you for your continued support.



Please contact me at or ( 305) 923-7673.