There is an energy that the mere mention of this artist’s name engenders.

Perhaps this is because energy defines who Delgado is and what he does. Delgado’s persona – self-reflective, honest, spiritual, humorous – is quietly electric: this is a man whose confidence, kindness and strength know no bounds. Delgado’s art – self-reflective, honest, spiritual, humorous – is intensely powerful: this is art that hits us first in the gut and heart, then our minds as we reflect upon Delgado’s subject or the story he is telling.

Unabashed and daring, bold and bright, Delgado’s concern about the human condition is apparent in all he paints. Tragedy, abuse, the mundane moments of everyday being, the happiness we know, the fears we keep at bay, the stories of life. Each painted with the intense energy we have come to expect of a Delgado work. An energy that literally flows off the canvas to permeate our hearts and minds.